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The second-generation restaurant manager, Franco is particularly esteemed for his ability to make pizza, considered by many to be the best pizza maker in the neighborhood, so much so that he earned the nickname "mythical" / so much so that he became a legendary figure for the local population: in Formia, the good pizza is that of Franco. In addition to the classics, Franco offers a series of pizzas characterized by his personal style, unique and inimitable. We absolutely recommend trying the pizza with the octopus and olives of Itri, which combines the best products that the territory can offer and the culinary traditions of Chinappi. From today you can taste them with the new dough with seven cereals, even lighter and digestible as well as tasty. Gluten-free dough is also available on reservation.

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Via Anfiteatro, 8 · 04023 Formia, Latina

E-Mail: info@chinappiformia.it · Tel: 0771 79 00 02


Lunedi - Venerdi 19:30am - 23:00pm

Sabato: 12:00am - 23:00pm